How do I know how much time to choose?

Ask yourself these questions... how many pictures do I want? How many location changes do I want? How many outfit changes do I want? The average photo session is about 45 minutes long. This is a good starting place for most people and generally supplies enough time and a good amount of pictures to choose from. If it is just you and don't need a lot of pictures, you will probably be fine with 30 min. as posing one person takes much less time than posing 2-3. (Please note locations for 30 min. sessions is limited to Unity High School or the Apple River County Park). A family of 4 with older children, a 45 min session is generally enough time to get family pics, pics of the kids together, individual pics of each child and maybe a few of the parents alone. We move quickly and choose locations with a variety of backdrops to give you variety in your session. Now, add a toddler or a baby or a dog and it can get a little tricky, you may want/need more time like 60 min. We do unlimited location and clothing changes, but do keep in mind that the clock keeps ticking while that is happening. Think you'll need more than an hour? You can add time on when booking, it is charged at $120/hr.

Senior Sessions will follow a similar guideline. Most people choose #2. This allows for enough time for a clothing change, possible location change and should give you plenty of photos. Need less? Choose #1. Want several clothing changes or location changes and a lot of images? Then you will want to choose between #3 or #4.  

Weddings- this depends on what parts of your day you want us to capture? Think about what's important to you and what you want professional pictures of? If you are mainly looking for the ceremony and portraits of the bride and groom, family and bridal party, then the 4 hour package will be perfect for you. Want pics of you getting ready, the dress hanging and of the first dance? Then you will want at least 8 hours or more depending on your timeline. We do offer additional hours at $250/hr. Not sure what you want/need? Contact Us and we'll chat.                                                                   

How many pictures will I get? 

The answer to this question comes down to how much time you chose, how many people were involved, how cooperative the people/animals involved are, are you changing locations or changing clothes? There is no magic number, but I can tell you most people are very satisfied with how many they receive. We give you all of the photos that were taken, although Randy will delete any duplicates, ones where eyes were closed, etc. Yup, we will even give you the ones where you child was crying. We do not decide for you which images you may or may not like, that is for you to decide. We had a Mom who loved the picture of her screaming toddler, because as she put it "that's our life right now and her." Gonna guess it might not be the one that went on the wall though ;) 

What to Wear?

If in doubt, simple is always better. Wear something or a color that you feel good in, that confidence will come through in the photos. You will also want to be comfortable as you will be walking around, sitting and you don't want to be constantly adjusting. As far as color is concerned, you will want to stay away from busy patterns, small stripes or neon colors. For photos with more than one person, you may wish to have a common color theme. You may want to keep your palette neutral to help coordinate with any room color for when you hang your photo. Also keep in mind what the background might be. Mid summer you will have a lot of green. You may want to avoid green as you will be washed out. Do a search on the Google or Pinterest, there are plenty of ideas out there. Find photos you like and make them your own. And ladies, if there will be walking involved, you may want some comfy shoes for the walking portions. Many times heels will sink into the ground, get dirty and make walking way more difficult than it needs to be. 

What Happens If There Is Bad Weather?

Please remember that as outdoor photographers we are reliant on Mother Nature to give us good weather. Unfortunately, she doesn't always cooperate. Randy and I try to remain optimistic though and do our best not to cancel unless we feel it is necessary as it is our goal to give you the best images possible. Generally if we need to cancel, we will do the day of. We will do our best to reschedule your session as soon as we can, however there is no guarantee as we do have other sessions booked weeks in advance and need to schedule around those as well. If your shoot is time sensitive, please keep this in mind!

WEDDINGS obviously we won't cancel and will deal with the weather we have on that day. Please make sure you have a Plan B if outdoor photos are NOT an option. Make sure the facility you are choosing to have your wedding/reception has good lighting and attractive settings for photos in the event we can not be outside. We DO NOT travel with props or extra lighting equipment. 

Can You Edit Me To Appear Younger? Thinner? Add a Rainbow?

Mmmm, maybe. We can try. ALL photos go through basic editing. This involves cropping, color adjustments, different editing styles like black and white, sun filters and more. Your photos will be sent to you after this basic edit. Each time package allows for a certain amount of photos to be edited further at no charge. You can then request these photos for further editing. It might be the one for the yearbook, or the picture to be blown up for the wall, your new profile pic, etc. Here we can edit out acne, hair flying in the eyes, switch heads around, smooth your skin, enhance your eyes, add a different sky, etc. While we can not guarantee some of the miracles that are requested, we can try. Just keep in mind that good editing keeps things to a minimum. Too much alteration can make the photo or you appear unnatural. The best option is to tell us ahead of time if you there is something you are self conscious about and we can attempt posing and lighting tweaks to make these things more appealing. If you want more photos edited than what comes with your package, further editing starts at a minimum of $5.00 per photo, depending on the miracle requested. 

Is There A Travel Fee? Will you Come to My house?

There is no travel fee if you choose one of the many locations we offer. Any location chosen within 20 miles of Balsam Lake will not have a travel fee. For locations further than 20 miles there is a travel fee of .50 cents per mile/round trip. Please note that we have chosen these particular locations for the variety of backgrounds they provide like trees for shade and interest, paths, bridges, rocks, water, etc. We will travel to your chosen location, but please keep in mind what will be available to us. Also make sure your location is not too busy, as this will detract from your photos. You, your family, etc. should be the focus! WEDDINGS we do not charge a travel fee for anything within 1 1/2 hrs from us. If you are beyond that, please contact us to see if there would be a travel fee. 

Do You Supply Props?

No, we do not. You are more than welcome to bring any you wish to use.

When Do You Require Payment?

Full payment is made at the session. We take cash, checks made out to Images By Lee or credit cards. Please be aware though that a 3% service charge will be added to credit card payments. For weddings, a $250 non-refundable reservation retainer is needed to reserve your date and full payment is due no later than 7 days prior to your wedding.  No photos or sneak peeks for sessions will be delivered until the full payment is made.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Images?

Portrait sessions are edited within 2 weeks. Weddings are edited within 6 weeks.

If you are wanting your images faster, you can pay a "rush fee" of $25 for sessions or $175 for weddings. Please let is know in advance if this is desired, as it may or may not be available.

How Do I Receive My Images?

All images are delivered via the mail on a USB drive or CD for smaller sessions. If you need a different option, please let us know in advance. We do give you a Copyright Release and allow you to print your pictures where you wish. Please do keep in mind though that not all printers are equal. If you wish for your images to be of good quality, please use a respected printer. Your images may be affected by the quality of the provider you choose. We do offer printing services if interested. 

How Many Weddings have you done?

Randy has been photographing Weddings since 2011 & has close to 100 under his belt.

How Many Photographers Do You Provide on our Wedding Day?

The answer is we guarantee one, Randy. He is the main photographer and has done many weddings by himself and is very comfortable working alone. With that being said, Lisa generally accompanies him and works as his assistant and carries a camera to capture candid shots, etc.  If you'd like us to guarantee an assistant/shooter for the entire day, it is an additional $250.

Do you do video?

No, but we can recommend someone. 

Can We Meet You Ahead of Time? 

We do have a very busy schedule, but if we can work it in we would be most happy to. Otherwise, we do a lot of communication via email and phone calls. We work with you on your timeline, what photos you need taken, etc. 

Why Are Professional Photos so Expensive?

While we do our best to keep our prices affordable, they are still an investment. You are paying for someone to make you look good. To provide ideas that you may not have had. To assess the situation quickly and know what backgrounds will work, what to do if you are in full sun (not ideal as it throws harsh shadows and people will squint), how to pose you for the best lines, and make you look the most attractive and confident. We know how to entertain the kiddos, make the babies smile and dogs sit still. (Well, usually.) Photographers are trained in getting the best angles, how to cut out background interference, how to bounce light with flash to enhance a face, etc. You are paying for not only the time it takes for the session, but also for the time involved with editing. This is a time consuming task and doesn't just happen. All professionals will edit their pictures to make sure their best work is showing to the public. Sessions with longer time will have more photos that require editing. A typical 8 hour wedding may have 3,000 photos to cull through and edit. A professional photographer also uses multiple cameras, and memory cards and methods of backing up their computer to keep your images safe in the result of a accident or equipment failure. Can your neighbor do these things? Just because someone has a good camera does not mean they can take good photos. Photography is an art form and you are paying for that talent and know how and time.